The tattoo oops (the importance of editing tattoos – before they’re inked on your skin)

Both of these photos are of my tattoos. The eagle is my first tattoo– and yes, the saying is from the Robert Munsch book. “Have hope” is my most recent tattoo; a little reminder to myself.

In getting both of these tattoos I sat down with the tattoo artists and went over them extensively. Again, and again, and again. We talked about placement: where I wanted the lettering to go, where exactly I wanted it on my body, and how large I wanted it.

We also went over spelling. Several times. In both cases, the tattoo artist had me check the spelling, and check the spelling again, and then check one more time just to be sure. This was before he even went to make a stencil.

In both cases, once the stencil was made, and on my body – the artists had me look in the mirror and check the tattoo just one more time; even before they opened up the ink and began to tattoo, just to make sure everything was correct, and just the way I wanted it.

In both cases, it was only after about an hour of making sure everything was exactly the way I wanted it, that the artists opened the ink, and put the needle to my skin.

Sometimes however, this degree of carefulness is not the case.

So, what happens when customers aren’t adamant  about checking, and double checking to be sure everything about the  soon-to-be tattoo is absolutely perfect BEFORE it’s permanently inked into their skin? And what happens when tattoo artists forget to double check their work before they pull out the needle and go to town?

I’ll show you a few examples. See if you can “spot the screw ups.” (both examples found on

If these tattoo screw ups aren’t  an indication of why it’s important to be very sure things are spelled correctly before having them permanently tattooed on your skin – I don’t know what is.

I know I sure as heck wouldn’t want to walk around with “spot the screwups” on my skin for the rest of my life – and I have to say: I’m very pleased that my tattoos turned out just the way I wanted them to.

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