Front page headline of the Toronto Sun the day after Toronto's election

We’ve got a liberal minority. Welcome to hell.

Great front page headline, Toronto Sun. Almost as good as Winnipeg Sun’s “Fear Wins,” the day after our election. (That was sarcasm, if you didn’t catch it.)

When Duncan asked us to blog about headlines this week, I knew immediately that I wanted to blog about this headline.

Sure, the headline doesn’t really break any of the CP stylebook’s guidelines for headlines we’ve looked at in the past couple of weeks, and I guess, kudos to the Sun as I’m sure the headline caught a lot of attention. But really? Welcome to Hell?

No. I don’t think so.

In fact, I can think of a lot more hellish places than Toronto with a liberal minority. I’m sure you can too.

In regards to the Winnipeg Sun’s front page headline, “Fear Wins,” I can say that I know a lot of people who were pleased with the election outcomes – and who would definitely argue that statement.

I can also think of a few other headlines from Sun Media that have been… well, less than classy.

So, Sun Media. I think the conclusion here is that you need to work on your front page headlines.

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