Editing: the packing edition

I’m about to head off to Calgary for my work placement, for a whopping five weeks. I’m excited. I need a little bit of an adventure, and it will be nice to get out of the city for a bit.

However, what I’m not excited about is packing for this five week stint away from home. I’ve always been an awful packer, even when I’m just going away for the weekend… so packing for five weeks is slightly daunting.

I tend to overpack. I’m a girl who likes her options. I always take twice the amount of clothing that I need, so that I’m not limited to a certain amount of options. I take multiple pairs of shoes, because I never know which ones I’m going to want to wear, and it’s arguable that I pack my entire medicine cabinet.

See how that might pose a problem when I’m trying to pack for five weeks?

Yeah, me too.

So, I’ve vowed that this time when I pack, I’m going to pack more efficiently so that I don’t end up stuffing the entire contents of my bedroom into my car. Yeah, I’m driving, by the way. This is a bonus, because it means I’m not limited to the standard one suitcase, and one carry on. But, like I said, I don’t want to end up with my entire bedroom minus the bed in my vehicle.

I’ve come up with a few ways that I’m going to (hopefully) edit my packing.

#1. Make lists. I’m going to make lists of everything I think I’ll need while I’m gone. Yes, I like to make lists, so it’ll be detailed. What work outfits I want to take (right down to specific pairs of pants/skirts/shirts etc.), what non work outfits I want to take, the shoes/boots I want to have with my, my dress coat, my casual coat, my snowboarding gear…. you get the idea.

#2. Limit myself to two suitcases (a big and a little one), and one box. The two suitcases need to fit all of the clothes I’m going to take, a few books, my school stuff (computer, charger, IPP stuff, etc.), my toiletries, and anything else I want to bring. The box will be for shoes/boots. AND my coats can just get thrown in the car.

#3. Pack only travel sized shampoo, conditioner and contact solution. Really, all I need is enough to last me for a couple of nights. I can purchase these things once I arrive in Calgary and get all settled in to my aunt and uncle’s house.

#4. Pack a few days in advance. My packing abilities are always the worst when I’m packing last minute. This is usually when I end up trying to stuff the entire contents of my closet into one suitcase, because it’s usually midnight the night before I’m to leave, and I’m exhausted and incapable of making decisions. So, I’ve vowed that for this trip, I’m going to be packed at least three days before I leave.

#5. Start organizing things/doing laundry/laying out clothes, toiletries etc, a few days before I pack. I’m going to make myself a little space in my bedroom for “trip stuff,” and as I do laundry, start setting aside clean clothes and things that I’ll be taking with me.

Hopefully, the little edits I make to packing for this trip will mean I pack more efficiently, forget less, and don’t end up packing millions of things that are completely unnecessary (like the entire contents of my closet).

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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