Editing my text messages

I recently got an iPhone. Before my iPhone I had a BlackBerry with a full keyboard. I could type with my eyes closed, hit send and have confidence that most of the time my message would say exactly what I wanted to. However, now with my iPhone I’m finding it much more difficult to send texts, especially if I’m multitasking or trying to send one in a rush.

And, it’s never when I’m texting Hayley, or someone where when autocorrect takes over and completely alters the text message to mean something different, or worse, turns a word into something, well, dirty. It’s usually my mom, or when I’m sending an email to someone important.

I learned my lesson the hard way after sending a few text messages or emails that got “uh, Dani, what’s that supposed to mean?” as a response. Usually it’s just my mom, who’s uh, less than experienced on her smartphone herself. Within minutes, I’ll always get a response back. Like the other day. I sent her an email from my phone that should have read: “Yeah it’s marked on my calendar.” However, thanks to autocorrect it read: “Yeah, it’s makeshift on my calendar.” Within seconds I had a response…. “What does makeshift mean.” Apparently the editor gene runs in the family. Luckily, it was just an email to my mom. And… it could have been a lot worse.

I have learned to always reread my text messages and emails, and well, anything that’s being typed via my iPhone at least twice over before I hit the send button. It’s better to be safe than sorry… especially now that I’ll be looking for a job sometime soon.

How about you guys? Any funny autocorrect stories to share?

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